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Brinkman Companies

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Brinkman International Group, Inc -

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Davenport Machine, Inc. -
Davenport Machine manufactures Davenport Screw machines, tooling
and genuine Davenport replacement parts. With our legendary Davenport Model B and the precision oriented Davenport HP, Davenport continues to prove that there is no more efficient way of producing large volumes of small, precision parts than on a Davenport. From Aerospace fasteners to plumbing and electrical connectors, manufacturing companies around the world continue to rely on Davenport Machines to get the job done quickly and profitably.

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CJWinter, Inc. -
CJWinter Machine Technologies manufactures the premier line of thread rolling attachments, thread rolls, specialty dies and tooling for Davenport and CNC machines. CJWinter has proven that speedy delivery, flawless quality and competitive prices can all be delivered simultaneously. Our team of dedicated engineers focuses on solving every customer’s thread rolling and metal forming challenges. Our specialty is providing superior products in the industries shortest lead time.




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Brinkman Precision, Inc. -
Brinkman Precision, Inc. specializes in complete program management for the aerospace, optics and medical industries. From complex machining of single components to complete assemblies, quality is the key to our success. Core competencies include CNC grinding, match grinding, turning, TIG welding, Swiss-style turning, internal heat treating and brazing as well as pressure testing. Brinkman Precision specializes in difficult to machine materials such as Inconel, L605, Hast-X, and Monel. Complex aerospace components are our specialty.

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MSK Precision, Inc. -
MSK Precision, Inc. specializes in precision parts manufacturing and assembly for the medical, telecommunication and aerospace industries. With an in-house clean room and assembly department, MSK is capable of providing individual parts or complete finished assemblies for their customers. Core competencies include precision Swiss-style turning, ultra-precision cutter grinding, CNC milling, CNC turning, laser marking and passivation. Complex medical and aerospace components are our specialty.